Friday, June 17, 2011

Breezy Weekend

Skin: LAQ - Mini
Eyes: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes (warm silver)
Hair: Lelutka - Biel
Outfit + earrings: Bubblez Design - Yellow Polka (Sand & Sun Hunt) FREE

Express Yourself...

Skin: Badass : The Notorious
Hair: Anaphora : Lambert
Outfit: Bubblez Design : BB - Beach Sweat Outfit for Sand & Sun Hunt (FREE)

Friday, June 10, 2011


The Sorceress is a full outfit.. and I  mean FULL outfit... everything you see including the aura you see in the photo. Comes with a landing splash too... free lucky board gift from Bubblez Design (FREE)
Ears from The Fawn Outfit from Bubblez Design (not free)
Eyes from Fashism (not free)
Hair and hair accessories from Maitreya (not free)
Skin from The Body Co.(not free)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Second Life Anime

Turning your Second Life Avatar into Anime Character. I haven't try Viewer 2 however I'm using Phoenix client. I think many of the clients will have this setting too. You can try.

Go to your Phoenix Viewer menu> World> Environment Settings> Sky Setting:
- Sky presets: Orac - Drawing Underground Comic
- Sun/Moon Position: 0.497
- East Angle: 0.55
- Scene Gamma: 0.61
You can play around with the above figures. You will get photos like below.
You just need to find a nice sim setting for your photo session. And you can save a lot of time doing your photo touch up. SL client itself can do the job.

Oh, and of course if you plan to touch it up with Photoshop the result would be much more different. :-)
I played with the different sky setting and just desaturate the photo a little and come up with this result.
Quite "comical".

Photo location: Love Diary

Skin: The Body Co - Lavender Skin (currently my favourite skin)
Hair: I modified this hair. You can find any hair to mod to your liking.
Uniform: Bubblez Design - VK Day Class Uniform (might come up with the male version uniform soon :-) )
Eyes: Fashism - Sunrise Dark Red Eyes (like I've said before. I love Fashism eyes)
Weapon: DCS - Double Bladed Staff(modern) v3.0 (This is one of my old weapon from DCS. Not sure if it's still for sale)
Pose: Sadistic Hacker - Free Katana Poses (group gift)
Boots: J's - J's Real Toe 2WayShort Boots Black (this is also one of my favourite boots).

Friday, June 3, 2011

He and She

Skin: Badazz - The Notorious
Eyes: Den-Dou - Den-Dou eyes II - Umber
Hair: Find Ash - Calm Gangster
Jacket: Bubblez Design - Dorian 50L promotion
Tanktop: Bubblez Design - Beach Sweat Tank for Sand and Sun Hunt (free starting 15-June)
Jeans: Bubblez Design - JJ Jeans outfit

Skin: The Body Co. - Lavender skin
Eyes: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes Warm Silver
Hair: Milana - Lynn
Jacket: Bubblez Design - Dorian 50L promotion
Bikini: T.Whore - Bikini Sexy Bitch Pink
Pants: DeeTaleZ - Lowrider Down Black
Chocolate on mouth: Black Butler Hunt - Funtom Chocolate Bar Mouthy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kawaii..... Black Butler Hunt

All these except for the hair.. everything you see is from The Black Butler Hunt. So many cute items to hunt.
Dresses, eyes, skin, nails, shoes, tea pots, trays, pose, plushie, eyemask, too many. And the best is everything are of best quality from great designers.

Really worth hunting. Go here for the starting point:

Only 33 shops. I finished it in less than 3 hours. YAY!!!!