Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hana Kagari 花篝-ハナカガリ (Second Life)

Hana Kagari 花篝-ハナカガリ (Second Life)

Video Location: Love Diary at Romantic Memories
Clothings by Bubblez Design
Song by On/Off

Friday, May 27, 2011

Le Regret n Black Butler

Love Later:
Bubblez Design Le Regret Gown (new release not free)

Bubblez Blogger:
Bubblez Design Sebastian Outfit for Black Butler Hunt (hunt start 1-June free)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Love Anime Themed Hunt - The Black Butler Hunt

The Black Butler Hunt starting next week 1-June to 30-June. This hunt is one to watch out for.
The Black Butler Hunt is theme based on anime Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji).

The Little Crown organizers have carefully selected quality stores for this hunt. I'm very excited and can't wait to go for this hunt next week. Check out the hunt blog for more info:

I can only show you one of the hunt item from Bubblez Design. Will show you more once the hunt start.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sand & Sun Hunt June 15 - July 20

Sand & Sun Hunt is starting June 15 to July 20.
Watch out for this hunt. There are many goodies you can get. Below I managed to get some items for bloggers review. They are wonderful!!!!

#008 - Bubblez Design (outfits)
#032 - Ms. B. Design (couple pose and beach ball)

#008 - Bubblez Design (outfit)
#050 - RoseHaven Designs (Sun lounger with poses)

#011 - Gaea Designs (outfits)
#050 - RoseHaven Designs (Sun lounger with poses)

#025 - Kucinta's (outfit)
#072 - Bees Haven Shop (beach furnitures)

#061 - Cady's & BG Design (outfit)

#096 - Eye Candi (outfits)
#091 - Rodeo (camping set - sleeping bag, camp fire etc)

Landmark of the shops can be get from:

Photo location taken at: Love Diary, Romantic Memories sim

I will blog more when I get more review items.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watermelon - I'm Thirsty

Skin: LAQ - Susan 04 Peach Glow Skin
Hair: Clawtooth - Femme Fatale (bun)
Dress + Shoes: Bubblez Design - Watermelon Dress (lucky board gift)
Eyes: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes Blue

Monday, May 16, 2011

In The Summertime

Photo location: Roan
Skin: The Body Co - Lavender Skin
Eyes: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes Warm Silver
Hair: Milana - Lynn
Outfit: Bubblez Design - Salire Outfit
Feet+flipflop & Hands: SLink - SLink de Jolie Hands & Jolie Pied Falt Bare Sheila Thongs Turquoise
Anklet: Bubblez Design - Jolie Anklets

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Trip Back To 1920 Berlin

I took a trip back to 1920 Berlin. Trying to study some German before I go over tomorrow. Not to Berlin though.... but some other part of Germany.

Wow! Look very nice. And the best thing is the creator has strict rules about outfits and styling. This is to ensure the sim will have 1920 feel.

Ok... time for a change to look like 1920. So I went to a barbershop to try to get my hair cut and get a dress.

 There! My new look for 1920! YAY!!!

After feeling more at home, I got my friend Robben in as well. Just for posing in my blog for 1920 style. ahahahah!! He seems to have done better job than me in 1920 styling though.

Vielen Dank!

Picture A - Love Later 
Skin: LAQ - Tess 2 Fair
Eye: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Brown S
Hair: Zero Style - Komugi
Glasses: Bubblez Design - Gothica Nerd Glasses
Clothings, boots, luggage: Magi Take (free group gift)
Umbrella: Old Time Prims @ 1920s Berlin Project (free)

Picture B - Love Later
Skin: LAQ - Tess 2 Fair
Eye: Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Brown S
Hair: Sixty Nine - Neguko DarkBrown
Clothings: Old Time Prims @ 1920s Berlin Project - Lily - Burgundy dress (free)

Picture B - Robben Zero
Clothings - Muism
Glass - Kumaki glasses
Hair: Shag - Player of Games slate
Mouth pipe: Bubblez Design - from 1950 Outfits (free)
Umbrella: Old Time Prims @ 1920s Berlin Project (free)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A trip to Paris....

Skin: LAQ - Tess 2 Fair
Eyes: FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Warm Silver (S)
Hair: Zero Style - Komugi
Tank Top: Luck Inc - Linc Tanktop Khaki
Top and shorts: Bubblez Design - BB - Friday outfit
Earrings: Bubblez Design - BB - Crysflo Earrings (free lucky board)
Musicplayer on mouth: EY:NO - MP3 Player (pink)
Shoes: Surf Couture - Elsa Boots
Sculpted Hand: SLink - SLink de Jolie Hands
Watch: Chronokit - Watch no.34 Comet female 01
Bracelet: League - League Wanderer Jewellery Set
Bag: Coco - Clear Tote Bag Black (free group gift - not sure still available or not)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dolly Lollita

Photo and video Location: VIX

Skin and Shape: Bubblez Design - BB - Doll Skin (free lucky board gift)
Hair: ZeroStyle - *0 Style*You* (free gift)
Eyes: MU - !MU.genki eyes (free gift)
Dress with crown: Bubblez Design - BB - Gothica Lollita
String: Marionette - Marionette Doll Puppet Strings
AO with Doll Key: SLC - SLC Puppet AO Set
Mouth MP3 player: [EY:NO] - MP3 Player (pink)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bubblez and BjD Doll

Skin: Tuli - Sara Fair
Hair: DP YumYum - Barberyumyum 16 Black
Outfit: Bubblez Design - BB - Dark Doll Outfit
Eyemask & Kiseru: Belial Japan Development [BjD] - Eyemask Rasetsu