Saturday, July 31, 2010

L&H Design - Artist Outfit Free Group Gift (celebrating over 2000+ members)

L&H Design - Artist Outfit. Free group gift.
Sorry guys for the delay. Here is one for you to celebrate our group reaching over 2000+ members.
This outfit comes with tank top, jeans, suspender and slip shirt. It has deletable resize script.
Mix and match with your other accessories and outfit.
Hope you will like it and continue supporting us.
You can get it at the 2nd floor of L&H Design shop @
We moved all guys items to 2nd floor.
Watch out for the stairs. You might find something interesting there.

L&H Design - Urban Neko Outfit (Free Group Gift - Celebrating over 2000+ members)

L&H Design - Urban Neko Outfit. This is a free group gift to celebrate us reaching over 2000+ members.
It comes with full outfit, armband, suspender, neko paw, tail and ears.
Cute sexy urban design just for you. And it's all free.

If you like, you can wear it without the Neko options. Just wear it as an Urban Outfit.
Hope you like our design and continue supporting us.
You can get this outfit from L&H Design in world @

Friday, July 30, 2010

L&H Design - No String Attached Grid Wide Dollie Hunt

L&H Design is participating in the No String Attached Grid Wide Dollie Hunt.

This hunt start 1-Aug-2010 to 31-Aug-2010.

We are offering a cute couple tiny avatars for this hunt.

Please see group board notice in store for more information. You will need to look for this cute dolly box to get the tiny avatars in it.

Mark it on your calendar to start hunting.

Dollie Hunt website for hint.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

L&H Love Heart Crystal Necklace

L&H Design - Love Heart Crystal Necklace. Something you would want to wear on your neck.
A lovely heart for someone special.
This necklace is transferrable and come with resize script for fitting.
In world shop:

Monday, July 19, 2010

L&H Venetian Outfit (99L promotion)

An alteration of Amore Love outfit. L&H Venetian outfit. Comes in black.
A casual elegant dress that suits for many occasions.. cocktail party, weekend wear, clubbing, shopping wear, coffee chat wear, workwear... etc.
Promotion price at 99L now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

L&H Design - Amore Love & Obsidian Outfits (couple outfits)

Looking for something special for that special night out? Want to look good but not too formal?
Here is the outfits for you. Something nice yet not too casual or formal. Just right for all occasions.

L&H Design - Amore Love & Obsidian Outfits.
  • Dress for the ladies
  • Jacket, jeans and top for the gentlemen
Couple outfits. 2 oufits in a box. Transferrable.
One for you and one for him/her.
All prims have resize script for easy fitting.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

L&H Design - Love Heart Ring (special release)

L&H Design - Love Heart Ring.
Special request to release this lovely ring.
Tranferable so you can buy it as a gift for that special someone you love.
Comes with resize script for easy fitting.
Suitable for gift or engagement ring or wear it to show off your jewelry.
If you have someone special in your heart, get her this special gift.

Check it out inworld at : (L&H Design)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

L&H Design - Reunion Outfit

L&H Design - Reunion Outfit. Unisex version.
Another free group gift for L&H Design group members. YAY!!!!
Comes with tank top, sculpted half baggy pants and sneakers. Resize script included in all prims for easy fittings.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

L&H Design - Mars Outfit - new release

Mars outfit comes with tank top and grunge ripped jeans.
You can get it in world @ L&H Design shop

L&H Design - New Release on Promotion

New release - Super Star Outfit. Comes with Tshirt and grunge jeans for only 50L.

New release - Summer Love outfit. Comes with top, vest with teddy bear, shorts, bangles with teddy, sneakers with teddy and belt with teddy. All for only 99L promotion price for limited time. Price will revert to 299L after promotion end at 24-Jul-2010.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

L&H Design - Dare Bare Outfit (free group gift)

L&H - Dare Bare Outfit (olive) is a free L&H Design Group Gift. Please get it in store.

L&H Design - Dare Bare Outfit (blue). This is a lucky board item.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

L&H Design - Sweet Hawaii Outfit (free Group Gift)

L&H Design - Sweet Hawaii Outfit. This is a free group gift.
You can get it from

L&H Design - Summer Academy Outfit - Limited time promotion

L&H Design - Summer Academy Outfit.
Summer is nice. This outfit can goes in 2 styles as a swimsuit or mini dress.

Promotional price at 10L because 4-Jul is a special day.

L&H Design sponsoring - MA Modeling Agency & Academy - Phototouch Contest

L&H Design sponsored MA Modeling Agency & Academy Photo Touch Contest. The finalist of this event did a runway show today 3-Jul-2010 at 8am slt wearing L&H Design clothings.
Finalist of the contest were:
- tsuna Hendes
- Audrey Mirabella
- ziggy Bookmite
- Nikita Lumet
The models are stunning and the event went really well. Many applauds from the crowd.
The winner of the contest goes to tsuna Hendes.
Runners up goes to Audrey Mirabella, ziggy Bookmite and Nikita Lumet.
All winners of the contest were rewarded with cash prizes and outfits from L&H Design.
Thank you ladies and well done on tonight performance. Thank you MA Modeling Agency & Academy for running this wonderful event.
All the best and good luck with your modeling career.
With Love,
Love Later/Holden Zane
L&H Design

Thursday, July 1, 2010

L&H Design - 4th July Bionic Set *** Promotion limited time period ***

4th July Bionic Set - sculpted vest and arm. Promotional sale for 47L only (limited time).
LM to L&H Clothing Collection:

If you like it let your friends know too. Price will change to 299L after 5-Jul-2010. Get it quick.