Saturday, July 3, 2010

L&H Design sponsoring - MA Modeling Agency & Academy - Phototouch Contest

L&H Design sponsored MA Modeling Agency & Academy Photo Touch Contest. The finalist of this event did a runway show today 3-Jul-2010 at 8am slt wearing L&H Design clothings.
Finalist of the contest were:
- tsuna Hendes
- Audrey Mirabella
- ziggy Bookmite
- Nikita Lumet
The models are stunning and the event went really well. Many applauds from the crowd.
The winner of the contest goes to tsuna Hendes.
Runners up goes to Audrey Mirabella, ziggy Bookmite and Nikita Lumet.
All winners of the contest were rewarded with cash prizes and outfits from L&H Design.
Thank you ladies and well done on tonight performance. Thank you MA Modeling Agency & Academy for running this wonderful event.
All the best and good luck with your modeling career.
With Love,
Love Later/Holden Zane
L&H Design

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